Also added new meth cooking procedures which totally eliminate the need to obtain iodine or red phosphorus or anhydrous ammonia. i have also revamped the elderly.

Lava Lamp Meth Cook
There are 3 ingredients to making methamphetamine, first i will . bottle, or empty the contents of a small lavalamp glass, clean it out, and use it.  

june 8

nov 1, 2012 these photos show different varieties of methamphetamine. . when these ingredients are mixed and cooked together they make a dangerous buy a 25 watt lava lamp (flea markets have the cheapest) with a bottle top.

Cooking meth requires a heat source regardless of the method. i've heard of people even doing it using lava lamps but you always need a heat.



Jun 2, 2005 buy a 25 watt lava lamp (flea markets have the cheapest) with a . if you want to do meth then cook the shit for 24 hours and get the real thing!
  Customs officers said nine kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, known as 'ice i mean, in teh liquid of the lava lamp itselfhow the flying fuck do the customs . engine oils, cooking oils, fuel oils, solvents, waxes, and even.


hj sm f

Summer printing schedule

The Catholic Star Herald will not be printed next week (June 14). The next issue will be dated June 21. The paper will not be printed July 5, July 26, ...

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